Why Global Vision?

Why Global Vision?


Some pertinent factors have led to the need for an organization such as Global Vision for Academic Services. These include:

  • Global Vision is strategically situated in the market and is able to coordinate promotional activities including exhibitions for student recruitment.
  • Global Vision provides a single point of contact for all partner institutions that are interested in student recruitment from the Middle East, thereby simplifying potentiality, complex transactions and communications.

Why the Middle East?

- Some countries in the Middle East rank amongst the richest oil-producing states with affluent students able to finance their own studies abroad.
- A great number of high school students graduate each year wishing to progress to degree level studies. However, there are insufficient places in local academic institutions and many do not provide the variety of courses or depth of study required by prospective students.
- The secondary and post-secondary education structure and curriculum in most countries in the Middle East are compatible with a number of countries in the developed world.
- Most local higher education institutions and Universities are growing in these countries and are seeking to establish links with the foreign universities to accommodate opportunities for degree programmes of 2x2, 3x1 in-country and online/distance learning, split PhD and the like. Global Vision would like to screen and help create such openings for world class universities wherever they may arise.

Range of Services Offered to Students by Global Vision:

  • Counseling services to applicants (Universities, Colleges & English Language Centers).
  • Interviewing facilities on premises.
  • Pre-departure briefing meetings for students.
  • Assistance with students’ visa requirements (if applicable).
  • Assistance with students’ travel arrangements.
  • Provide placement tests for English language ability.
  • Provide suitable accommodation for students with a host family, or a boarding school (for students joining English language Centres), and on-campus accommodation (for students joining Universities).
  • Placing students at  suitable partner English Language Centres to meet the entry-level English language requirements for the University from which the student has a conditional offer.
  • Coordinating with students for further studies in partner institutions.