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PhD Degree

PhD Degree


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Postgraduate Foundation Programmes

Foundation Courses are independently organised by Universities or Colleges, usually with the aim of preparing the student to progress to one of the UK institution's own degree programmes. Foundation courses cover a wide range of subjects as access courses and many have a similar career focus.
Several Universities now offer Access /Foundation programmes for postgraduate students, aiming at international students who did their first degree elsewhere and wish to pursue a postgraduate course in the UK. They are also most suited to students who require a substantial amount of English language tuitions to bring them up to the level required for postgraduate studies. They are also appropriate for students who did their first degree sometime ago and need to refresh their study/research skills.
These courses are six to nine months long. They include large English language components along with training in study/research skills and a range of optional subjects. A successful completion should guarantee you entry to a Master's programme at the same University.

Guides to getting started on the right path when applying for a UK institution  that would lead you to obtaining an offer either on a Masters or PhD degree.

  • Before You Apply: What you need to know about higher education...
  • Entry Requirements: Find out what the entry requirements are...
  • Ready To Apply: A new online service designed to make the application process even easier...
  • After you Apply: Advice on what you need to do once you've applied...

Your Doctorates Degree 

There are several routes to gain a Doctorate but a professional Doctorates & New Rout PhDs are increasingly popular.

The most common qualifications:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • New Route & Professional Doctorates